>Science Fiction: “Of Men and Monsters”

“Of Men and Monsters” is the one and only novel written by William Tenn. He is an author better known for his SF short stories. The premise of this book is that human kind and the Earth have been conquered by huge aliens, the monsters of the title, and humans live as vermin in the burrows within the monster’s homes.

The hero of the book is young boy,named Eric, about to go through his first test that will make him a “warrior of Mankind”. His task is to sneak out of the burrows into the area when the monsters live and steal some useful item.  However, while on his expedition Eric’s band gets caught in a tribal political power play and Eric becomes an outcast.

His adventures continue with another tribe of humans, and during an expedition deep into monster territory he  and his group are captured.  During the captivity he learns more about what the monsters are how they experiment on humans. Eric gets lucky when the monsters set up an experiment where they want him to mate. That’s how he meets Rachel.

To find out how Eric and Rachel escape the monsters, and what happens in the end you will have to read the book.

I enjoyed reading “Of Men and Monsters”, however, it was not a book of deep ideas. It felt like a “young adult” adventure story.

This book was the May book for my local SF book discussion group and I was surprised how different the covers were from several different editions.  Check out the picture.



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