>Technical: Pro Git

Recently I started to use the “git” source/version control system for my own projects and at work. The book “Pro Git” is an excellent source for information about git, how to use it, how it works. Not only does the book clearly explains the basic principals of using git so you can start using it, but also it covers a number of advanced topics – like setting up git servers etc.


The best part is that electronic version of the book (in PDF,Kindle and other formats) is totally free. If you need to learn git, this is the book.

If you are not software developer, then you are free to ignore this post.


2 thoughts on “>Technical: Pro Git

  1. Finally you took the plunge and learned Git. You will not be let down. The best GUI interface I found for git with least amount of problems is github’s mac app. Works on any git repo and is an excelent tool for cherry-picking what to check in.

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