More on Education

Last week I finished reading Seth Godin’s educational manifesto titled “Stop Stealing the Dream”. The manifesto is really a short book that starts by asking the question “What are schools for?”.

Godin’s main theses is that our current schools were designed to produce obedient  workers for the industrial revolution. Back then we needed competent, but compliant people to work on assembly lines. Think of scientific management.

However, the world has moved to post-industrial age. Things that can be mindlessly done on assembly lines can now be done by machines.  We live in the age of instantly available information, the age of Google. Yet our schools still seem to be stuck in the previous age. Godin explores some ideas of how this could/should change.

Although I don’t necessarily agree with all of Godin’s observations – he makes some valid points.  Finally, his book is available for free in many different electronic formats. Check it out!

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