>Science Fiction: TR SF

The MIT Technology Review Magazine came up with a special edition issue of 12 science fiction stories by current SF authors.  You can check the issues web site here.

I bought a copy of the issue in a Kindle version. The stories were great fun to read. I especially liked the first one titled “The Brave Little Toaster” by Cory Doctorow. You can actually listen to an audio version of this story for free here.

The other stories were equally entertaining and thought provoking – mostly dealing with technology that could become real in near future.


The Dawn of “Diamond Age”

There is a revolution brewing in manufacturing. This is the so called 3-D printing. I keep reading about new applications of this technology. Here is an article from MIT Technology Review  Magazine on making jet engine parts by “printing” them.

Extremely cool!  This is like an very early version of the technology that was at the center of Neal Stephenson’s novel “Diamond Age”.

>Non Fiction: “Here and Now”

This book is an autobiography of a jazz guitarist Pat Martino. Pat Martino is an amazing musician but in addition he went through an amazing human experience. In 1980 he suffered from a life threatening brain aneurysm that almost killed him. The operation that saved him induced total amnesia – he didn’t know who he was, he did not recognize his parents.

Amazingly, with help of his parents, Pat Martino was able to recover and go back to playing the guitar. He’s playing is as good as it ever was. For example see this video.

This autobiography covers this incident in some detail, but it also includes a about Pat’s life and career before and after the operation.  I liked the book  a lot  because I’m a big Pat Martino fan. For others it maybe little tedious.

However the story of Pat Martino’s amnesia and recovery if wonderfully presented in the movie “Martino Unstrung”.