Lead sheet for “These are the Soulful Days”

I always liked this tune – I heard Pat Martino play it – and I finally figure out the chords and made out a lead sheet. Here is Pat Martino playing the tune.

I had most of the chords correct – but I got some final help from a transcriptions book by Joerg Heuser. Visit his site to see a lot of incredible transcriptions he has done.

I’m pretty sure all the melody notes are correct pitches – but timing may be a little off. I’ll gladly accept correction.

“These Are The Soulful Days” Lead Sheet

Please note that the tune was written by Cal Massey.


>Fiction: “How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe”

This book by Charles Yu had an interesting premise: the narrator is a time machine repairman – he helps people who rent time machines and get stuck somewhere in time. The book had some funny moments at the start – like when he has to rescue Linus Skywalker (yes, that Skywalker) and hears complains about the famous dad.

However, the problem with the book was that the plot was quite disjointed with many different ideas haphazardly thrown in, without any logical connection. I finished the book – but I stopped caring about the main character about halfway through.

>Science Fiction: “Anathem”

This was a rather long book by Neal Stephenson (about 1000 pages).  The premise was quite interesting – a world where scientists live as monks, separated from regular people. Then a spaceship arrives and stuff starts to happen.

There are many things I liked about this book – such as inventive use of language, or some interesting ideas on multi-world interpretation of quantum dynamics – but the length of the story gets to you after a while.

I did finish the book, but at times it was a slog.