>Science Fiction: “The Hacker and the Ants”

This book was written by Rudy Rucker, the author of “Software”  and other SF and science books. “The Hacker and the Ants” was published in the early 90s and it shows it’s age.  The hero of the book is a middle-age hacker who works building software for robots. He also dabbles in building A-life creatures (A-life is short for Artificial Life). He helps to develop software ants that live in cyberspace and do some bad things as the story unfolds.

As it happens with books of this type, some of the “future” technologies have been already outdated and the one’s that haven’t – like the cyberspace “decks” – seem clunky at best.

I found the book to be fun, but it was not as good as “Software“.



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