PyGotham 2011 – Python Conference (day 1)

I’m at a two day Python conference today and tomorrow. Here is the website of the conference and here is a brief description of talks I attended:

  1. MongoDB Schema Design – this talk was given by Kyle Banker (the author of an upcoming book “MongoDB in Action”). MongoDB is one of those NoSQL databases that is meant to hold humongous amounts of data. The schema for MongoDB objects is expressed via JSON notation, there is even a tool that lets you interact with database using Javascript. See MongoDB website for details. MongoDB reminds me of some of the object oriented databases from the 90s, although MongoDB seems to be much easier to use.
  2. MongoDB Python Library – this talk was given by Dan Crosta from 10Gen. He walked us through a small example of using MongoDB and the Mongo engine Python driver to build a simple game called Nymwit you can get all the code from
  3. – this talk was give by Mike Dirolf – the author of “MongoDB Definitive Guide”. He spoke how his company used Python and MongoDB to create a simple emailing group manager. Check it out at
  4. TMUX and ipython – this talk was about using “tmux” unix tool. “tmux” is similar to GNU Screen and other similar programs. I did not stay to the end this talk.
  5. Python and Functional Languages – presented by Andrea O.K. Wright. This talk went through details of how to interface between Python and several popular functional languages: Erlang, Scala and F#. I thought the communication set up between Erlag and Python was the coolest – really showed the power of meta-programming.
  6. MongoDB Scaling and Sharding – this talk was give by the CTO of 10Gen. He explained the architecture and the operation of MongoDB sharding. I asked what the largest MongoDB installations exist and he said in terms of data size largest is in 100 terrabytes (but not yet in peta byte range) and largest cluster has about 75 nodes (where a node is 3 machines).

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