>Science-Fiction: “More Tales of Pirx the Pilot”

Recently someone sent me a link to a movie based on one of Stanislaw Lem’s stories from the collection “More Tales of Pirx the Pilot”. The story is titled “The Inquest” and it is about Pirx commanding a space flight with a crew of humans and androids. His task is to evaluate the performance of the non-human crew members.

As you can imagine the test does not go entirely as expected and it results in the inquest.

There was a funny comment made by one of the non-humans in the course of the story, he said of humans: “.. your democracy is the rule of connivers, elected by cretins. ”

Another story I re-read in this collection is called “The Hunt”. This one takes place on the Moon, where a damaged mining robot has to be found and disabled. Pirx, who is stopped on the Moon few days, is drafted to lead the expedition.

I have read these stories long time ago, but I always enjoy re-reading them.


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