Working at Goldman Sachs vs. a Startup

Read an interesting article today that compared working at Goldman Sachs vs. a start-up.  One thought I liked  was when the author said that working for a start-up is like  pushing a boulder up a hill, where as working for an established company is like rolling a boulder down the hill.

In either case you want to stay away from under the boulder 🙂


>Science Fiction – “The Doomsday Book”

This is another book I read by Connie Willis. It was fun to read, although it’s little long. The action takes place in Oxford England, in the near future and way back in the 14th century. As you can guess there is time travel involved. While a lady historian is sent to explore 14th century England, an epidemic hits Oxford which prevents her  timely retrieval.

To complicate the matters she winds up at Oxford of the past, just a the Plague arrives there.

I decided to read this book because I’m also reading  a book on the actual history  of the 14ths century and wanted to see how the two compared.  The 14th century parts of “Doomsday Book” seemed pretty spot on.

On the other hand Oxford of 2050 seems bit wrong. This book was written in early 90s and the author completely missed some technologies that are common today. For example, there are video phones in 2050 Oxford, but no cell phones!

I suppose if you wait long enough a science fiction book will turn into an alternate history.


I decided to restart my books blog here. I imported my old book reviews (see category “Books”). I’m planning to write much shorter notes on what I’m reading and not necessarily write about every book I read.